A Divine Exposure

Exposed my interests, helping me to follow my dreams…

Exposed my failures, helping me to recognize the strength within;

Exposed my weakness so that I do not repeat the same mistakes…

Exposed me to poverty and made my soul  rich in You;

Exposed me to plenty and made me realize how little I’ve got…

Exposed me to greed, teaching my heart  the value of contentment;

Exposed Your purposes; How wonderful is Your plan for me;

Exposed me to the world, letting me know, how Great You are;

Exposed me to potential harm, now I know, with You I am safe…

Exposed me to what seems impossible,letting me know that Impossible is not possible with You…

Exposed Your Word to me, my eternal love letter…

Exposed me to Your Splendor, reminding me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made;


A Divine Exposure…






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