The Final verdict…


It had to come to this;

She had done it before,

Taking her life into her own hands;

Besides,  who cared enough to even notice;-

Except the mob;

Desperate for a victim;-

Anything would do;

A final verdict had to be given;

She fell at His Feet,

His eyes filled with Grace;

Somehow she knew…

This, had come to an end…

The end of the matter…




Continue walking in the maze…

A road that has never  been traveled before…

Unknown, rests on the other side;

Something inside you compels you to continue…

Though it feels like you have reached a dead end-

Going back will be too costly;

Suddenly you realize;

A presence that cannot be denied,

A light that shines  your way,

Pulling you to the next step;

Giving you a reason to –

Continue walking  in the Maze